Our salesforce spent more than 75% of their time in qualifying a lead. Datamatics brought efficiencies by functioning as an extension of our sales team. We got a dedicated account manager, research team and quality analysts. Lead flow increased by 200%, and we needed to expand our sales team to meet demand.

Director of Sales
(Leading Insurance Organization)

As we started expanding to new markets, we were facing serious language constraints. Our sales and marketing efforts were not getting the desired results. When we chose Datamatics for lead generation, we were impressed with their proficiency in multilingual support. We are very pleased with Datamatics’ impact on our worldwide business.

Data & Digital Director
(Leading Satellite Broadcasting Company)

When it comes to event lead generation within agreed timelines, we can simply rely on Datamatics’ expertise. They work as a strategic partner and take complete ownership of our lead generation goals. If you want to get real insights into your lead generation strategy, look no further than Datamatics.

Head of Marketing Operations
(Events industry listed on NASDAQ)

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